Our Aim is to coordinate the energies of qualified, young, energetic, motivated professionals, for improvement in the quality of life, and uplift of marginalized communities of Rajasthan and nearby areas through means of sustainable development.
In line with this mission, community development and empowerment are integral part of our activities. STONE TECHNOLOGY FOUNDATION �s multi faceted services encompass advocacy, Micro Credit & Enterprise Development, training Programme, tailored to targeted requirements for human resource development, serving as a resource center for dissemination of updated information in relevant areas through updated databases and policy briefs, holding of workshops as well as serving as a platform for civic action for positive change.
STONE TECHNOLOGY FOUNDATION would like to continue the efforts with passion, optimism, sustained enthusiasm, courage and commitment to achieve our goals as we have the confidence to succeed.
As globalization and international trade impact societies, non- governmental organizations have become increasingly influential in world affairs.
They are consulted by governments as well as international organizations like the United Nations which have created associative status for them.
There are now of thousands of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the world, operating in most countries. These organizations are not directly affiliated with any national government but often have a significant impact on the social, economic and political activity of the country or region. Non-governmental organizations play a strategic role, their ability to adapt quickly to changes and to identify Community troubles, Apart from their innovative potential, has placed them at a key point within the labor market. They have also grown as a consequence of the increase in unemployment and poverty that has forced men and women to enter this sector as a unique means of survival, rather than as a new labor opportunity.
  1. Er Upendra Kumar Sharma
  2. Er K Vikram
  3. Ms Sushila Rani Bhatt
  4. Ms Jaya Vikram Rastogi
  5. Mr Paras Bhansali
  6. Er Vikrant Vikram Rastogi
  7. Er Jayesh Vikram Rastogi
  8. Mr Ram Babu Rastogi
55% of Indians [550 million people] are below 30 years of age and 70% of Indians [700 million people] are below 35 years of age!
Anti-poverty strategy comprises of a wide range of poverty alleviation and employment generation programmes
We are involved in Temple Construction Projects in India and Abroad. From Stone Selection, Design, Stone Art Work, Fitting on site, Finishing the structure.
We are involved in Temple Rehabilitation and Maintenance works in India and Abroad. Temple components repair works, periodic maintenance works.